Life is too short

to drink poor wine

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832)

Who we are

We were born in the marvellous Franciacorta region, home to the best Italian "bubbles", and then moved forward in search of winery emotions across the whole of Italy. In Franciacorta hills, vine has been cultivated since ancient times. This has been proven by recent discoveries of both prehistoric vineyards and archeologic utensils throughout the area, as well as the multiple references found in the oeuvres of classic authors like Plinio, Columella and Virgilio. Pavó Franciacorta represents a new, young vision, passion and love for quality and beauty: our wines, only few excellent labels designed and produced to induce emotions, are both distinctive in their aesthetic features and unique in the sensations originating upon tasting. Nothing happens by accident, that's how we do things. Our products are not only Franciacorta DOCG, but also exceptional still wines reflecting the purest Italian charisma. We value the privileged relationship with our customers, because we believe wine is something to be experienced in a face-to-face manner: this way only, we trust, can passion, commitment and competence emerge.


Pavó Franciacorta is synonym of strict winemaking tradition, while giving high attention to the latest technological advancements of the wine sector. We are among the very first Italian distributors to embrace the RFID technology on our labels. This allows our customers to have immediate smartphone access to the most relevant information regarding the product they are enjoying (technical specifications, production lot, individual producers and anti-counterfeiting security).